Regulatory Services

Export Control and Sanctions

We are one of the few locally based Yorkshire solicitors firms who have experience of advising and representing companies on export control regulation issues.

This niche area of law involves the movement of goods across borders.  Occasionally your exported goods may be either controlled or stopped completely from leaving UK borders for a number of reasons involving national security, foreign policy, anti-terrorism and crime control.

If your business relies on exports to other parts of the world this can have devastating consequences for your business.  Our experience of dealing with the export control organisation means we are able to advise you on your routes of appeal and the important tactical and strategic decisions that must be taken in your case.  Our lawyers are accustomed to helping you overcome the impact of any trade regulations and resolving the issues you are facing.

Our objective is to ensure that we can help you overcome any obstacles that are placed before you as a result of intervention in your ability to export.