Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

The commercial team is keen to support businesses in understanding their position and options as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. On this page, you will find regularly updated guidance pursuant to announcements made by the Government.

If you require any further, specific advice or guidance, please contact the team on 0800 015 0340 or email

Full Furloughed Worker Guidance (26.03.2020)

Closure of Workplaces & Furloughed Workers Update (25.03.2020)

Furloughed Workers & Government Updates (23.03.2020)

Business Support Measures (20.03.2020)

Daily Update Following the Coronavirus Bill & Boris Johnson’s Comments (19.03.2020)

How do we deal with vulnerable adults who are also employees? (19.03.2020)

How will school closures affect me and how should I act now? (19.03.2020)

What should I do if my employee wishes to self-isolate to care for a vulnerable relative ? (19.03.2020)

The below video summarises the current position on self-isolation, return from travel abroad, sick pay, putting homeworking in place, prioritising and risk assessing employees, business planning such as negotiating unpaid leave and redundancy and the latest announcement on business support measures: