Long-term Absence & Disability (in conjunction with Hays)

Jun 2020

Long-term Absence & Disability (in conjunction with Hays)

When is an employee disabled? Does the employee have a protected characteristic? Can we dismiss an employee who is disabled?

These are examples of questions that we are asked everyday on the topic of long-term absence. This seminar will answer these questions and many more.

The cost of long-term absence is estimated to cost UK businesses £4.17 billion and is often thought to be inevitable. This seminar will disprove this and offer delegates real alternatives to an annual sickness bill.

Registration for the event will start at 8.30am with a complimentary breakfast and refreshments. The seminar will culminate at around 10:00am.

To register your interest please contact Ciara Scanlon on or on 01924379078.