Mock Health and Safety Trial

Nov 2018

Mock Health and Safety Trial

The mock trial is being held on Wednesday 28th November 2018 at the Leeds Rhinos Rugby Club. Chadwick Lawrence is joining forces with their Commercial Partners at Lighthouse to present a Mock Health and Safety Trial which is based on a real-life claim.

The trial will be based upon a real-life claim surrounding a forklift truck/transport accident at the workplace. In Health and Safety claims, criminal proceedings are brought against directors of the Company and the trial will provide you with invaluable experience of how to handle such claims and what to expect at a health and safety trial, including:

  • How to avoid claims
  • How to put safety procedures into action
  • What to expect as a witness
  • How best to prepare for a Health and Safety claim
  • How to deal with consequences arising from any serious work place accidents

Barristers from Broadway House Chambers will be in attendance representing the hypothetical Claimant and Respondent. Witnesses will be called to the stand and questioned by the barristers in order to persuade the panel as to the validity of their respective clients’ claim. In order to grasp a real understanding of the process, you will be given the opportunity to pose questions to the Judge, the barristers and the witlessness themselves.