Enthusiasm, Empowerment, Inspiration and Confidence

Jun 2019

Enthusiasm, Empowerment, Inspiration and Confidence

In a tripartite event Chadwick Lawrence and Hays Recruitment have teamed up with Dale Carnegie to present an interactive seminar on the often ignored topic of performance improvement.

In a results-oriented and changing business environment leaders need to be able to unleash the talents of their people and engage the emotions that propel teams into action. During the seminar delegates will be offered solutions to mitigate the risks of change and enable the 4 key traits of engaged and productive employees.

Enthusiasm, Empowerment, Inspiration, Confidence.

During this session we will look at some of the practical steps directors and managers can take to get the best from their people.

To register your interest please contact Ciara Scanlon on or on 01924 379 078.