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We have a team of Contractual Dispute Solicitors here to help you.

A dispute with a key customer or supplier can have a significant impact on your business. At Chadwick Lawrence we will work with you to put together a bespoke strategy to protect your business.

Contractual disputes arise regularly in the course of business. The terms of a contractual relationship are determined by the parties. Disagreements may arise both in relation to the performance of contractual terms or in relation to the interpretation those terms.

We understand the commercial pressures that you face in business. Our expert team of litigation lawyers will work closely with you not only to achieve the best outcome in the short term but will take into account your long term business goals when seeking to resolve a contractual dispute.

Our approach to dispute resolution is to first understand your business needs and goals before allocating the right people to provide you with the necessary advice and support. Our goal is to balance the required level of expertise whilst delivering value and efficiency to your dispute. We aim to mitigate your exposure to risk throughout the dispute resolution process to allow you make informed decisions based on pragmatic and commercial advice.

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