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Our construction litigation advisors are specialists in the risk management of construction and engineering projects of all shapes and sizes, ranging from complex domestic and international projects to everyday developments.

We align our strategic approach to your aims, objectives and industry sector requirements, to alleviate risk and provide a cost effective commercial resolution.

We support our clients no matter what stage the project is at, including an early risk evaluation and strategic guidance to enable you to make the right commercial decisions.

The nature of your industry or project is underpinned by fine margins and time constraints, factors which we understand and work within to ensure that we are a beneficial addition to your team and to reaching your commercial goal.

Contrary to larger traditional construction litigation firms, we provide bespoke pricing options which factor the fine margins and time constraints which we understand impact you and your ability to deliver a successful project.

Disputes in construction are inevitable, how they are managed and responded to is not: that is what sets us apart. Our aim is to help you be proactive and not reactive throughout the construction process from A to Z.

Our services are bespoke to you, your project needs, contractual requirements and processes.

We provide bespoke advice on all project needs, whether at an advisory stage before a dispute has arisen or at any point thereafter throughout case management through to enforcement such as claims relating to the following:-

  • Payment disputes including but not limited to:- Pay Less Notices, Retentions, Sub-contractor claims / 3rd Party claims and/or Valuations;
  • Contract disputes including but not limited to:-  Defective Works, Delay, Performance and/or Termination;
  • Professional negligence including but not limited to:- Claims against contractors and/or associated third parties (Consultants, Architects, Surveyors);
  • Expert determination involving:- CPR Part 35 procedure involving:- Expert Surveyors, Contractors, Engineers, Quantum Experts;
  • ADR & Enforcement including but not limited to:- Mediation, Arbitration, Conciliation and Adjudication and/or enforcement measures.

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