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What happens if I lose? Will I lose money?

If your claim is unsuccessful then you will owe no money at all. All of our cases are handled on a No Win, No Fee basis meaning that regardless of the result you are never out of pocket.

How much will I get from my claim?

People are often given inflated sums by some injury lawyers on how much a claim is worth but in reality guidelines are set for each type of injury claim and how much you can expect to receive. What you can be guaranteed of is that Chadwick Lawrence will get you the compensation you are entitled to, in good time and in a professional and efficient manner.

I am not sure if I can make a claim?

Don’t worry, just give us a call and one our expert advisors will offer free specialist legal advice on the likelihood of your claim being successful based on the facts you present. It’s likely you can make a claim if you are the victim of an accident that wasn’t your fault. This could include a slip, trip, fall, road traffic accident an injury at work and many other types of incident.

My accident happened a while ago – can I still claim?

You can normally start a no-win, no-fee claim within 3 years of the accident occurring but there are some exceptions to this usually persons under a disability e.g. a child under 18 or a Mental Health Act 1983 patient. Sometimes symptoms can take a while to develop and in cases such as this the time limit runs from the date of knowledge. This will be when the Claimant first knew that the injury was significant and attributable to an act or omission of the prospective Defendant.

I’ve had an accident at work. If I claim will I lose my job?

No. Your employer should have insurance that covers the costs of claims like this. If you are still worried give us a call to talk things through.

If I win do I have to pay any fees?

If you win your case the rules entitle us to deduct up to 25% of the compensation awarded as a success fee.  All our other fees and disbursements are recovered  from the opposing sides insurance company.

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