Transport Law

We understand that, despite the best efforts of businesses, sometimes your company may find itself in the position whereby you are faced with transport law issues. At Chadwick Lawrence, we have a team who will give you clear, honest and practical advice about transport law. Our team of experts have acted for companies nationwide in relation to drivers’ hours offences, insecure loads, overloaded vehicles, hauliers who have been accused of stowaways offences, careless and dangerous driving and offences arising out of fatal collisions.

We provide straightforward advice and recognise that this area is complex and has the potential to cause significant disruption to your business. We will deal with your case on an in depth and personal level. We understand that when advising and representing you we need to take into account your businesses commercial needs. Many companies have vehicles and transportation at their core and it is our role to protect these vital functions of your organisation.

We also recognise that when businesses are faced with such allegations, it is not just the legal process that needs to be managed. We advise our clients on how to deal with management of the staff involved in such cases, as well as crisis management which may include how to best deal with adverse publicity and the media. We are able to draw on our invaluable experience to provide the best legal advice in this area.