National Minimum Wage Investigations

Since April 1999 HMRC has identified £68m in national minimum wage arrears for over 313,000 workers.  In 2015/16 alone 58,000 workers were identified following National Minimum Wage Investigations as being owed back pay by businesses who were not complying with the national minimum wage.

It is easy for businesses to inadvertently fail to comply with the national minimum wage.  HMRC investigates businesses who it suspects have committed breaches of the national minimum wage and has also conducted targeted campaigns against what it believes are high risk sectors such as the social care sector.  HMRC has also significantly reduced the average time it has taken to investigate complaints about businesses who it suspects are not complying with the national minimum wage.

Whilst the sums HMRC fine businesses are often modest, the consequences of being named and shamed for a business can be devastating.

Chadwick Lawrence has dealt with investigations conducted by HMRC in to alleged national minimum wage breaches with particular expertise in the social care sector, educational and day nursery sector as well as the beauty industry.  Our team deals with the prevention and resolution of matters in an efficient and cost effective manner with considerations at all times to the consequences that can arise from a HMRC investigation.  This means we can shape our tactical decisions to your particular case.

It is important that if you are investigated by HMRC you seek advice from the outset and we will ensure that you are fully advised until the outcome of your case to ensure that you receive the best possible results for you and your business.