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Financial Settlements after Divorce or Dissolution

Within any Divorce or Civil Partnership Dissolution, it is important that all financial settlement matters are fully addressed so as to provide you with certainty and security and to avoid any difficulties arising in the future.

The division of a couple’s assets is often far from straightforward and unfortunately, there is no universal formula to apply.  It is important to work towards sorting out your finances as soon as possible after you separate.  This has the benefit of giving you some financial security with which to plan for your future.  We would always recommend that any negotiated agreement is put into a legally binding Consent Order which is approved by the Court as part of the Divorce/Dissolution process.

Our expert team has experience in dealing with a wide variety of financial settlements dealing with modest to high-value assets.  We can provide you with practical and professional advice at every step of your case, whether you are in a position to negotiate amicably or whether the worse case scenario has occurred and you have to issue an application at Court.  We are extremely proud of the successful outcomes we achieve for our clients.

The wealth of expertise across our department is such that we have experience in dealing with all aspects of financial settlements including:-

  • Property (both UK and abroad)
  • Investments
  • Maintenance issues
  • Pensions assets
  • Business interests
  • Freezing assets (both UK and abroad)
  • Uncovering hidden assets
  • Third party interests
  • Tax and Trusts issues
  • Overseas assets
  • Agricultural issues

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