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Speeding & Disqualification

If you are alleged to have exceeded a speed limit by the police, you will receive notification through the post asking for the identity of the driver (called the ‘Notice of Intended Prosecution’). The police only have a certain period of time in which to send this letter, so before taking any action you should seek advice as to whether the police have taken all appropriate steps and within the appropriate time as it may be possible the police have not sent your notice in time.

Dependent upon the speed recorded, you may be eligible to plead to the charge by way of completing a form. You will only be required to attend court if you plead not guilty to the offence, if your speed is excessive and the court may consider a driving ban, or if the number of points you could receive means that you could be disqualified under what is known as the “totting-up” procedure (if you have 12 or more points on your licence you will be banned for a period of time).

You should seek assistance as soon as possible, and certainly before responding to the charge. We can advise what your appropriate plea should be, whether you have a defence, and whether the police have dealt with the charge correctly.

In attending court we will ensure that your case is prepared to the highest standard. In paying for our assistance and representation at court we will work to ensure the best possible outcome for you, to obtain where possible the least number of points on your driving licence, and the amount of your fine as well as ensuring you are best placed to stay on the road and avoid a ban.

It is possible to resist a ban from driving where you receive 12 or more points on your licence by putting forward an exceptional hardship argument. We will assist you in investigating what you can justify by way of exceptional hardship in the anticipation that we can either prevent a ban or limit the length of the ban.

For details of our prices for speeding offences please see Speeding.

For details of our prices for totting up and potential disqualification please see Potential Driving Disqualification: “Totting Up” Of Penalty Points.

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