A Quick Guide to Motoring Offences

A Quick Guide to Motoring Offences

Red light spells danger!

Most motoring offences mean that you will be given points on your driving licence. If you accumulate 12 points or more then you will face a driving ban. Points accrued on your licence last for 3 years.


Green light: 3 points

If you have three points on your driving licence you are in a relatively safe position. However, if you gather further points on your licence you will move into the amber zone.

Amber light: 6-9 points

You are in the danger zone. If you commit a further road traffic offence with this number of points on your licence you may move into the red zone. It is important you drive very carefully.

Red light: 12 points or more

You facing a driving ban of six months or more. It maybe you can avoid a ban by arguing exceptional hardship would be caused if the court did ban you from driving.

If caught speeding the amount of points you will receive depends upon your recorded speed. You may also receive an automatic ban instead of points if the speed is high enough.

For example, if you are caught speeding at 101 mph in a 70 mph speed limit you may receive a disqualification of 7-56 days or 6 points. The court has the discretion to impose points or a ban. If the recorded speed is deemed to be grossly excessive the court can ban you for in excess of 56 days. If you are charged with careless driving then the courts have the power to disqualify you or they can impose up to nine penalty points on your licence. Another common driving offence is driving whilst using a mobile phone for which you can receive six points.

As there are a large number of driving offences it is quite easy to find yourself in a position where you have accrued 12 penalty points and are then facing at least a six month ban.

Chadwick Lawrence have an exceptional record of keeping people on the road if they have 12 or more penalty points on their licence.

For details of our prices for this area of work see Miscellaneous Driving Offences.

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