A Quick Guide to Speed Driving

A Quick Guide to Speed Driving

Exceptional Hardhsip

If you have 12 penalty points or more on your driving licence then the only way for you to try avoid at least a 6 month driving disqualification (under the “totting-up” scheme) is to attend court to argue something called “exceptional hardship”.


To succeed in this type of submission, you must satisfy the court that either you or someone else would suffer in the extreme if you were to be banned from driving. The level of hardship you must establish must be exceptional (i.e. not ordinary hardship or a mere inconvenience).

Here are some questions which we recommend you should ask yourself if you’re facing the loss of your licence through ‘totting up’:

  • Would you lose your job if you could not drive? Could you find temporary or alternative work?
  • Could you take public transport or taxis to get to your job?
  • Would the loss of your job have a detrimental impact on your colleagues and your company as a whole?
  • Would you struggle to pay your bills if you lost your job?
  • Would you lose your home if you could not afford to pay your mortgage or rent?
  • How would others be affected financially if you could not drive?
  • Do you care for someone who requires you to drive them?
  • Do your children rely on you to do the school run?

The above example questions are food-for-thought only as each and every case
presents different circumstances so it is important to tailor your arguments to your
strongest points.

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