Road Traffic & Motoring Law

Driving Without Insurance

The offence is committed if you drive or are in charge of a vehicle on a public road without appropriate insurance cover in place. It is also an offence if you cause or permit someone else to drive without the necessary insurance in place. This may include driving for your employer in the course of your duties.

It is known as a strict liability offence, which means the presumption is that you are guilty unless you can prove otherwise. Forgetting to renew your insurance is not a defence. The only real viable defence is if you were told or had genuine reason to believe that you were insured.

You will receive a fixed penalty notice of a £300 fine and between 6-8 points on your driving licence if the offence is deemed less serious, but if the police believe the offence is serious you will be summonsed to attend court and could face disqualification as well as a fine.

Before advising on plea, it is imperative that we get the full story from you. We can assess the seriousness of your case with you, work to potentially get a reduction in terms of seriousness, and to seek a lesser penalty if guilty.

For details of our prices for this area of work see Miscellaneous Driving Offences.

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