Boundary Disputes, Land Ownership and Rights

Boundary Disputes, Land Ownership and Rights

It is not uncommon for neighbours to disagree upon the position of the boundary between both properties, the repair and maintenance of a boundary structure or what might be built in the vicinity of a boundary structure, whether a shared or, for example, party wall.  Before or when it gets out of hand, our team can advise and assist.

Where two or more people own land or property and do not agree what should happen to it, disputes can arise. For example, one person might want to sell the property and another might want to keep it and / or retain it as a home.

Disputes can also arise about rights people have over land or property. For example, one person may claim they have a right of way over the land of another whilst the neighbour might challenge the existence or extent of that right and / or seek to prevent its exercise.

One land owner might assert the right to enforce a restrictive covenant which another wishes to set aside.

If you have a dispute that relates to a boundary, the ownership of property or property rights, our team can advise and assist.

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