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We have a team of Directors & Partnership Dispute Solicitors here to help when you need support for your business.

Individuals start out in business in the firm belief that it will be successful. Relationships are formed in the belief that the parties will be able to work together in a successful management team.

Our aim is to assist you avoid a dispute. We understand however that business management does not always go to plan. A party may not pull their weight or there may be a clash of personalities. A dispute between Directors can cause significant harm to the successful operation of a business

Shareholders may disagree with the way that a business is run and may feel that their interests are prejudiced by a Board of Directors who are making the wrong decisions.

Disputes can be acrimonious and can be costly whilst diverting important management time away from the business. A dispute can have the potential to stifle growth and have an adverse effect internally and externally.

A Director may be a shareholder and also an employee. It is therefore important that we are able to identify the key issues at an early stage. Our team will consider each role when developing an overall strategy to help you achieve your goals.

At Chadwick Lawrence we have significant experience representing clients at all levels of Director and shareholder disputes.

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