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Restrictive Covenants

Are you starting or leaving a job with Restrictive Covenants in your contract? It isn’t always safe to sign, or break, a contract that contains Restrictive Covenants. If you’re looking for advice, or unsure about your legal rights, it’s time to talk to one of our experienced Restrictive Covenants solicitors.

Restrictive Covenants are clauses in the employment contract which purport to restrict an employees on what they can and cannot do once their employment ends.

This could be a non-compete clause, that prevents you from joining a competitor for a stated period, or a non-dealing clause that restricts you from dealing with certain clients. You may also have a non-solicitation clause that prevents from taking customers and former colleagues with you in your new role.

If you’re an employee and have Restrictive Covenants in your contract, they can limit your options when you leave your job. If you leave your job and your former employer believes you have breached your Restrictive Covenants, they may seek to enforce them and stop you doing what you have moved on to do.

Our employee services team are experts in helping employees to understand their rights when it comes to Restrictive Covenants.


Are Restrictive Covenant’s legal?

Yes. The courts regularly enforce restrictive covenants in employment contracts. However, sometimes they are deemed unenforceable and to enforce a Restrictive Covenant, an employer must demonstrate that the covenants/clauses protect a legitimate business interest, and that the covenant/clause is reasonable.

Chadwick Lawrence have extensive experience gained over many years in the field of Restrictive Covenants. Our Restrictive Covenants solicitors have been involved in many successful proceedings in court both enforcing covenants and defending allegations of infringement.


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