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We have a team of Debt Collection & Recovery Solicitors here to help when you need support in your business.

Chadwick Lawrence offer a comprehensive Debt Recovery service backed by a sophisticated software package that allows us to track and manage your case from start to finish.

The service we offer is simple to use, efficient and is extremely cost-effective whether it be a one off or multiple instruction.

How does it start?

Simply print off a New Debt Instruction Form (click here), complete the details and then either fax, post or e-mail the instruction sheet to us.
Using the information provided, we will then send out a Letter Before Action (LBA), which is a legal requirement before any Court proceedings are issued. This will demand payment of the debt and interest within 7 days.

If payment is received following the LBA then the matter is closed.

If payment is not received then we will seek your instructions about taking the matter further.

Court proceedings

If you wish to pursue the matter then the next step is to issue a claim in the County Court.

If the Debtor does not respond within the stipulated timescale then we will request Judgement in Default. If approved, this will result in a County Court Judgement being granted in your favour.

If the Debtor defends the matter then we will refer you to our Dispute Resolution Department who will be able to advise you further about the next steps and likely fees.

How much will it cost?

For collection matters, we charge a percentage fee on a sliding-scale based on the amount we recover. Please click on the attached link for more information. If we are unable to make a recovery, and you decide not to take any further action, no charge will be raised. If a recovery is not made and you instruct us to issue proceedings, we will charge a fixed solicitors fee (as stipulated in Civil Procedure Rule 45) in addition to the collection fee (assuming a recovery is made). If a recovery is not made after proceedings have been issued, we will only charge a fixed fee based on CPR 45.

Who does this service apply to?

This service is only available to commercial clients of the firm. if you are an individual chasing payment of unpaid debt, please contact 0113 225 8811 where a separate fee quotation will be provided.

Small Claims Court

Should a claim be defended and the debt fall below £10,000 this will be dealt with by the Small Claims Court. This means that except in extraordinary circumstances legal fees are not recoverable. However, Chadwick Lawrence can help your business to manage its costs by offering a bespoke fixed fee service.

For more information on our fees for this area of work please visit Debt Collection For Businesses, or for advice from our Debt Collection & Recovery Solicitors please contact us.

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