Financial Conduct Authority Investigation

The Financial Conduct Authority is a regulator who makes use of its regulatory and criminal powers to investigate and bring proceedings against both businesses and individuals working in the financial services industry.

Chadwick Lawrence has experience of dealing with investigations and representation before the FCA should you find yourself or your business threatened with sanctions by a Financial Conduct Authority Investigation.

Our lawyers will be able to guide you through the fact finding exercises that the FCA goes through to compulsory interviews and FCA hearings.

We ensure that we take the time to apply our expertise to your unique business.

By getting to know your business we can apply our knowledge of the FCA’s approach so that you have all the tactical options in dealing with this regulator for you.  We price ourselves on responding effectively to the needs of our clients when inspected by the FCA. We have particular expertise in dealing with the FCA when they are threatening to remove accreditation from a client involved in the financial services sector.

We understand that when your business is facing scrutiny by the FCA you will naturally be concerned about your business going forward and ensure that our advice is both accurate and commercial.  Our job is to ensure that the best possible result arises out of the FCA’s wide ranging powers.