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Without a Will, the law dictates what happens to your estate in the event of your death, and this may not reflect your wishes. It is particularly important for unmarried couples to make Wills as this is the only way to ensure proper provision for each other on death. Nor is it necessarily true that if you are married, your spouse will inherit your whole estate. Not making a Will could leave your loved ones in a difficult position at what is already a stressful time.

If you haven’t already made a Will, or if yours has become outdated due to a change in your circumstances, for example marriage, separation or parenthood, speak to us today. You should review your Will every 3 to 5 years to ensure that your will effectively accords with current wishes. You can change your Will at any time so long as you have capacity to do so. We make no charge to review your Will, even if it was drafted by another firm.

Another important aspect of your Will is to choose guardians for your children and decide who will be responsible to wind up your estate. We are happy to visit you at your home or in hospital if you are unable to attend at any one of our offices.

When there has been a death in the family, we understand that it is a sad and stressful time. Our private client team is highly trained with many years’ experience and will help you through this emotional time. We are always there to help, handling things with professionalism, care and understanding.

Our dedicated probate team work to administer any Will as quickly and efficiently as possible, explaining the process to you every step of the way. We can deal with the whole of the probate, freeing you of the administrative burden or assist you with specific aspects such as helping you draft the complex inheritance tax form and probate application so that a grant of Probate can be obtained.




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