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Jun 2023

Unjust Enrichment

Re: Barton & Ors v Morris & Anor [2023] UKSC 3  The factual background to the dispute and the legal question at hand in this matter is deceptively simple: namely, when the seller of a property has agreed with a third party that an introduction fee will be paid if a buyer is found who…

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May 2023

Adverse Possession – a Warning to Farmers and Landowners

Adverse Possession Adverse possession claims are increasing. Recently, warnings have been issued to farmers and landowners to check that their land is legally registered to prevent future issues. This is particularly prevalent where owners have many acres, some of which are unchecked, and have lost small sections of that land due to adverse possession laws. …

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Apr 2023

Landlord’s consent to assign a lease – reasonable or unreasonable

Leases often contain provisions preventing a tenant from assigning/underletting to another party without first obtaining the Landlord’s consent. Whilst this is favourable for a landlord who can still exercise some control over their property, there are statutory provisions contained within the Landlord and Tenant Act 1927 providing that consent should not unreasonably be withheld to…

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Mar 2023

Update – Service Charges in Residential Leases

Service charges are charges payable by a leaseholder to a landlord for services the landlord is obliged to provide under the terms of the lease. They will usually be an amount varying from year to year depending on the costs the landlord incurs. The charge usually covers the cost of services such as general maintenance…

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