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Data protection breaches can be a complicated aspect of business to monitor. Storage of data within the workplace has become increasingly complex and a set of laws has been developed giving rights to your employees as to how their information is stored and when it can be shared. Even very simple information such as an employees contact details should be handled carefully.

Data Protection breaches are closely investigated and monitored by the Information Commissioner. The Information Commissioner has extensive powers of investigation and also has the ability to impose large fines on your business. Our team has experience and expertise in advising you in the event of an investigation by the Information Commissioner. The costs of not correctly dealing with an investigation can be severe. The Information Commissioner has fined a company £200,000 in the past and our experts will advise you through the investigation process in order to obtain the best outcome for your business.

Our regulatory services solicitors can assist businesses should they find themselves under investigation for data protection breaches.

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