Chadwick Lawrence Awarded Cyber Essentials Accreditation

Oct 2017

Chadwick Lawrence Awarded Cyber Essentials Accreditation

Yorkshire’s Legal People, Chadwick Lawrence Solicitors, have been awarded government backed IT accreditation, Cyber Essentials, to acknowledge their level of cyber security and data protection throughout the firm.

The accreditation, which is renewed annually, provides the firm with a set of controls that can be implemented to achieve a baseline of cyber security across the entire firm.

Organisations who apply for this accreditation are required to demonstrate a level of adherence in their cyber security provision. This covers aspects of security such as secure configurations, boundary firewalls, internet gateways, access control and admin privilege management, patch management, and malware protection.

Following a number of high profile reports of cyber-crime in 2017, the firm believed it was essential to recognise cybercrime as a genuine threat and take appropriate steps in mitigating against risks to the firm and, moreover, to client’s data.

Clients are able to take further reassurance and confidence that cyber security plays an integral part in the daily operations of Chadwick Lawrence. In a number of areas of the business, personal information is discussed for both private and business clients, and it is key that this is protected by all means necessary.

Another important element of acquiring this accreditation is to create awareness and provide education throughout the firm of the current trends and common threats that may surface. Employees of Chadwick Lawrence have assurance and understanding that the technology utilised by the firm, and the governance of this, is in place to allow them to deliver high quality and secure services in line with the visions and values of the firm.

Dan Bell, Head of the IT Department at Chadwick Lawrence, commented: “Achieving this accreditation is an incredibly positive step forward for the firm, but is by no means the final action in preventing cyber-crime.

“Technology is ever evolving, and we like to think we are on the forefront with the measures we have already implemented. To maintain the high level of cyber security and protection for our clients, we intend to continuously run various scheduled initiatives and ensure that education within the firm is to the highest standard and as up to date as possible.”

Neil Wilson, Managing Partner of Chadwick Lawrence, commented: “Our clients are at the heart of everything that we do, and we’ve invested heavily in our cyber security strategy to protect them in the best way possible.

“Cyber-crime appears to be on the rise in recent months, and personal data is under target in particular. Given the nature of our business, we must protect our client data with the strongest security possible. Obtaining the Cyber Security accreditation is the first in many steps we are taking as a firm to ensure that we continue to protect our client’s best interests.”