Managing Sickness Absence & Lateness

May 2021

Managing Sickness Absence & Lateness

In a joint event hosted by Chadwick Lawrence and Evalu8, we will present on absence management procedures and how technology can assist with this.

  • Chadwick Lawrence will present on the capability procedure for long-term sickness absence, including occupational health referrals and how to manage employees suffering with Long-COVID-19
  • Chadwick Lawrence will also cover the issues of short-term absences and persistent lateness, and use of the Bradford factor
  • Evalua8 will demonstrate how you can make the most of technology to manage these issues by presenting a preview of their HR data management system

We will hold a Q&A at the end of the webinar to answer any queries you have on the matters covered.

To book your place on this webinar please email [email protected]. You will then receive the link to the webinar once you have signed up.

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