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In this week’s MMD, we debate the latest updates from the King’s Speech on the podcast. Daniel’s update this week is on the subject of resignations in the “heat of the moment”.

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Episode 7 – Part Time Santa

Join Sam and Nils this week as they discuss the first King’s Speech which was delivered recently, data protection law and a sexual orientation discrimination claim involving a part time Father Christmas.

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Don’t leave me this way…

This video examines the case law surrounding resignations given ‘in the heat of the moment’ and stresses the need for employers to fully objectively assess the words given at the time of the resignation in order to fully understand the intentions of the employee.

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In the News


There have been lots of relevant employment law/HR updates this week.

Part-time Professional Father Christmas branded as ‘paedo’ was not sexual orientation discrimination.

Mr Graham sought £44,000 in damages on the basis of a sexual orientation discrimination claim. Mr Graham states that he ‘was called paedo, kiddy fiddler’ and that the daily abuse about his sexual preferences ‘destroyed his life’.

The Claimant, Mr Graham, would regularly be called a ‘sexual predator’ and that he ‘must molest children because he enjoys his role as Father Christmas’ by the sales manager, Jon Gill, at his place of work.

The Claimant was fired from his job at Swansway Garages Ltd for having a fight with a colleague which stated Mr Graham ‘likes to play with kids’. The Claimant then decided to sue Swansway Garages Ltd for sexual orientation discrimination.

The Tribunal ruled that Mr Garaham was verbally abused by Jon Gill and accepts that the abuse happened on a regular basis. However, Birmingham Tribunal ruled that calling someone a paedophile was not a comment on their sexuality. The Tribunal stated that calling someone a paedophile is not related to his or her sexual orientation, as a paedophile could be someone whose sexual orientation was towards persons of the same sex or persons of the opposite sex or persons of either sex. The application was therefore refused.


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Chadwick Lawrence is proud to present an Equality & Diversity Seminar Event on Thursday 7 December 2023 at the Bradford Bulls’ Odsal Stadium. We look forward to presenting on how employers can encourage equality and diversity within the workplace, highlighting the law that protects the employees and employer, and the types of discrimination that happens within a working environment. We will also be assessing the importance of positive culture within any workplace and present a case study with the opportunity for our guests to engage in a Q&A session. We aim for our guests to go away with an understanding on how to best manage and negate these issues in practice.
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Networking Breakfast Seminar in conjunction with Hays Recruitment and Wakefield Trinity


Wednesday 24th January 2024


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Chadwick Lawrence in conjunction with Hays Recruitment and Wakefield Trinity are pleased to invite you to attend our Networking Breakfast Seminar Event. Taking place at the newly refurbished East Stand Suite at Wakefield Trinity on the morning of 24 January 2024, the seminar will cover Hays Recruitment’s Annual Salary Guide and company restructures. With a selection of breakfast bites and unlimited beverages, we would love for you to join us.



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