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In this week’s MMD, we dive headfirst in the world of motoring law. On the Podcast we conduct a Q&A on motoring law where Nils answers the most commonly asked questions that he sees in practice.

In addition, Daniel has prepared a video on whether companies can invite employees to a disciplinary hearing after they have left employment.


Episode 31:  Motoring Madness

On this week’s podcast, Join Sam, and Nils for a motoring offences Q & A.


After the Event

Can an employer invite an employee to a disciplinary hearing after they have left the business? Can a conclusion be drawn in their absence? We discuss the possible benefits of doing so and the need to make efforts to continue to involve the alleged offender, particularly in cases with a regulatory implication.

In the News


Bear hug complaint ‘swept under carpet’ by doughnut firm

The Claimant’s job involved decorating doughnuts for the Respondent. During her employment, the Claimant was subjected to harassment by another colleague who touched her inappropriately and made derogatory comments against her. These comments involved calling her a “pot washer,” and telling her she needed chewing gum because her breath smelt. On one occasion, the individual “bear hugged” her and rubbed flour on her before grabbing her behind as she backed away. The Claimant brought these issues to the attention of the Respondent who held an informal meeting without notice, meaning she did not have adequate time to prepare evidence. The Respondent failed to further investigate her complaints after the meeting and dismissed her accusations. Her employment was terminated after six months, and the Claimant brought subsequent tribunal proceedings for harassment and victimisation. She told the tribunal that her mental health had suffered detrimentally, and she had become very anxious and isolated. The tribunal upheld her claims and awarded both compensation for financial loss, and damages for injury to feelings amounting to a total award of £31,410.91.


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